Local Info

List of Base stations:

Here are the stations we found out so far. Note: there are special 4G stations, which later can be upgraded into 5G stations. Please ring telstra to find out whether there is a station planned near your house, school or workplace and let us know, so we can upgrade. We cannot guarantee that this list is correct!

  • S3501 Hazelbrook SC1 – Clearview Parade, Hazelbrook NSW 2779 (RFNSA 2779007)
  • S3502 Hazelbrook SC2 – Great Western Highway, Hazelbrook NSW 2779 (RFNSA 2779005)
  • S3503 Hazelbrook SC3 – Great Western Highway, Hazelbrook NSW 2779 (RFNSA 2779006)
This is a photo someone found on a pole on the Highway in Hazelbrook. This is were no one actually walks and residents, apparently weren’t noticed via letterbox drop. Please keep your eyes open, if you find one make immediate submissions and let us know!

This is what a 5G attachment looks like on pre -existing infrastructure.